PlanetTeach is the exciting approach to learning Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar!


Do your pupils struggle with Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar? Do they lack motivation in this subject? 


Created by teachers, PlanetTeach has been specifically designed to fuel the learning needs of children at home and at school, through a series of exciting, interactive games.

Carefully developed to meet the curriculum objectives, it’s the perfect way to support teacher input and consolidate learning.

Questions have been precisely designed to appropriately challenge
each year group and deepen understanding.


Multiplayer missions let pupils race through the galaxy against their classmates.


The difficulty level can be adjusted to challenge users appropriately.


Perfect for monitoring progress, identifying gaps and utilising as an intervention.

Our mission

As teachers with years of experience in Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar related learning, our aim is to enhance pupils’ learning attitude and cognitive thinking, whilst supporting teachers in raising educational attainment.

Research led by the National Foundation for Educational Research (2013) into the positive use of games-based learning found that:

  • Significant cognitive gains were achieved where games had clear learning objectives.

  • Teachers noted a positive impact towards problem solving skills, engagement levels and an increase in pupil motivation or knowledge acquisition.

  • Significant increase in pupil’s attitudes towards their learning.

  • Increased motivation in teachers to further support learning given the positive responses from pupils.


"You can customise your rocket and race against all your classmates!"

— Harrison (Year 5)

"I love playing the games, the spellings are tricky and it's lots of fun!"

— Ellie-Jayne (Year 1)

"Each game challenges you in a different way, it's great!"

— Hannah (Year 6)

Starting from just £100 per year — get in touch to request a quote for your school!